Monday, February 6, 2012


I'm compelled to keep traveling. I get depressed and moody if I don't have a trip on the calendar or in the works. It's something to look forward to and plan for, from the smallest weekend getaway to a trip to Italy to get married. Part of this is obviously feeding my desire to continually escape reality; at least certain aspects of reality. It feels better to be outside of the usual mundanity of life, on holiday somewhere different, away from the daily patterns that wear on me so. It doesn't even have to be a "vacation." Any excuse to leave town and escape routine is a welcome change.

Since September 2010, I've been to San Francisco 4 times, Texas twice, San Diego 500 times, Italy, and Hawaii. I just booked a trip to Seattle for March, and I hope to plan a trip to Portland later this year, and ideally Christmas in Hawaii again (Oahu and/or Kauai this time). Of course money is always a concern, but I just can't worry about that right now.

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