Sunday, August 7, 2011


Apparently at a recent evening event at the zoo, some bastards managed to injure two of the resident meerkats. The meerkats live in an open enclosure so that people can see them clearly and enjoy their antics, and also so that the meerkats can see the blue sky and feel the fresh air on their little faces. It's a happy and popular exhibit. They're charming and fascinating animals. So why the FUCK would someone want to hurt them? One of them had her head/jaw smashed, and the other one was all scraped up -- both injured in ways that only a bastard human could have caused. It makes me so SICK. Of course they'll never find the culprits, but if they ever do, I recommend that they be put down immediately. Anyone who intentionally takes another life (except in self defense) forfeits their own. Even more so when it's a completely innocent life, of a captive animal, no less. These poor zoo creatures are only here for our amusement -- and supposedly our education and edification. If you think it's fun to shoot fish in a barrel, you should be shot in the head.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

current priorities

Current priority #1: Find a dress
We've set a date, reserved our plane tickets, and booked hotels in Florence, Ravenna, and Venice. We've signed a contract with the nice people who will (presumably) facilitate our civil service in the Sala Rossa. Mr. G is working on rings and a suit. And I need a damn dress. I thought I just wanted a light blue cocktail-type dress until a few days ago when I suddenly realized that I must have a white wedding dress. What the hell? Of course they all look weird to me because unlike many girls, I haven't spent all my time up until this point fantasizing about my wedding day. I don't want it to be too lacy, but I don't want it to be too plain. I want white, not cream or champagne. Do I want floor length or tea length? Strapless or sleeveless? Fitted or flowing? Sleek or fluffy? Simple and sophisticated or a bit outrageous because what-the-hell-you-only-do-this once-right? So many decisions, and literally an unlimited number of dresses to choose from. UNLIMITED! I need to make a dress selection within the next two months, never mind the accessories which must follow. And here's the really tricky part: it has to be something that suits both me AND Mr. G!

Current priority #2: Rent the condo
I would also LOVE to rent the condo within the next two months, but maybe that's asking too much. All I want is a graduate student couple, or maybe a visiting professor and his/her partner, who'll pay between $1,500-$2,000/month to allow me to pay the bills and make a little profit. The place is in excellent condition, in a wonderful and peaceful location, and it's perfectly outfitted with lovely furnishings, a patio & deck, a selection of sheets, towels, and dishes. You'll love it! I've posted it all over the university sites, and am trying to spread the word, but I have zero viable candidates. I must find a way to make this work because I am not about to sell the place, for a myriad of reasons.

Pretty much everything else can wait.