Monday, February 6, 2012

cousins-once-removed (or some such thing)

Sometimes the loss of old connections can bring about new connections. Since my parents' passing (and as a direct result of said sad events), I've made some new friends, forged deeper relationships with some existing friends and family across generations, and found a whole new crop of cousins. There's a whole slew of cousins from my Dad's generation, and a couple from Mom's side, who are now my facebook buddies. I'd met them all a few times over the years, but we never had any direct relationship to speak of, and it's been decades since I'd laid eyes on any of them. Now they're all around, and they're quite an amusing bunch, full of humor, insights, and support. They mostly live in Texas, so I doubt we'll ever spend much time together, but it's nice knowing they're out there. Kin. Blood.

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