Monday, December 20, 2010


Today was a sucky Monday. Aren't they all? Why do we allow them to persist, week after week? When I started my car this morning, the "malfunction indicator lamp" came on. Why now, when it's pouring rain, and I'm about to leave town, and I have no extra money because I just finished Christmas shopping? At work, there were buckets all down the hallway catching the rainwater from the leaky ceiling. Yes, there were also leaks in some of the galleries, and my apartment windows. And a museum in Switzerland wrote a nasty letter threatening to withdraw their works from our exhibition because our security isn't up to snuff. Turns out they're right. And then I stopped by Staples on the way home, and suddenly got all Dad-sad because the last time I was in a Staples was with Amy shopping for paper to print Dad's memorial service program on. So then I'm walking down the street crying in the rain, and I come home to a huge mess of cat barf, after almost a month of improved health; is it because I didn't give her the B12 injection this weekend, or is she slipping down the slippery slope right before I leave on vacation? Should I try to sequester her in the kitchen for that entire week? Sometimes it's just too much. :*(

But on the positive side . . . at least the cat barf was in the kitchen and not the rug. And at least I have nice rain boots to splash through the puddles. And at least I got to park on the non-street-cleaning side of the street so I don't have to rush to move my car in the morning, whether it's functioning or not. And at least I get to go away on vacation in a few days and forget all of this, if only for a little while.

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