Thursday, June 17, 2010

wookie kisses

I couldn't care less about the Dodgers. I really couldn't. But when Mr. G told me he had tickets to a special Empire Strikes Back game, and that Chewie would be throwing out the first pitch, I couldn't resist! We arrived and got special posters, t-shirts, and VIP passes, and were then ushered into the "geek section" in the far upper edge of the stadium. I couldn't tell what the hell was going on way down there on the field, but then I heard a rumor that Darth Vader was posing for photos by the hot dog stand. I leaped to my feet and picked my way past my fellow fans -- I swear, why do they make stadium seating so steep? I'm always terrified I'll fall and just go tumbling down forever until I land in the outfield, a broken, bloody, tangled mess. Anyway, I went out and sure enough, there was Darth Vader with a crew of storm troopers -- awesome. And then my beloved Chewie appeared, towering over the crowd with beastly elegance. I think he looks so sweet in this photo, kind of shy, and I love how his arm on my back makes my hair look like it's super long. My hair is the same color as a wookie!

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