Tuesday, April 20, 2010

to all the things i've loved before . . .

. . . who traveled in and out my door . . .

Farewell dear bookcases. You served me well through many years and many different apartments. You were my first bookcases as a single girl back in Seattle, almost eight years ago. I filled you with my beloved book collection in Winslow Place, Madison Avenue, Piso Negro, and then down to the Pacific Palisades, over to Darlington, and finally to Cloverdale, where I've now kicked you to the curb for pick-up by the city of Los Angeles. It's time to upgrade to some beautiful, dark-wood, unscratched, and sag-free shelving.

Farewell young fridge, only three years old, but hauled off by a friendly Getty Marine. Semper fi! Farewell old microwave who only sends toxic radiation waves through otherwise edible food anyway. Farewell funky little formica sewing table with the rusty legs. Farewell sweet patio furniture, donated to me by my dear friends Ralph & Tom when they moved back to Chicago. You served me well, and the green chair and little bronze monkeys still remain as a testament to our everlasting friendship.

Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you. It's a new beginning.

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