Friday, April 16, 2010

animal cruelty

Transition can be hard. Xander, Zoe and I have lived in our new home for almost three weeks, and we're just now getting comfortable. This has been our life as of late: lying on a blanket on the floor by the heater. The weather has been wacky, and the furniture is minimal. What kind of life is this? Happily, I've finally made a decision about my new sofa, and I plan to purchase it this weekend. Of course it's a custom order, so it won't arrive for about 12 weeks (!). And it would be nice to have a big new rug, but money is limited, so that will simply have to wait.

In the meantime, I did purchase two new cat beds for $8 each. I had thrown out the old ratty ones when we moved, and figured the cats would just make do with chairs and piles of blankets for a while. They seemed happy enough, but as soon as I brought home these new beds, there was a little gato curled up in each one. I felt so bad! Had I been denying them this basic, familiar, comfort for the past three weeks? I am cruel.

But then there's this lovely item, which cost slightly more than $8, and which remains virtually untouched. Why, kittens, why?


  1. Because they're waiting for the custom made sofa to arrive! As it will surely make for much better scratching.

  2. I think I heard somewhere that each cat likes to have his/her own scratching post. Can you cut these two apart?