Tuesday, December 13, 2011

press release

I'd like to announce that I'll be stepping down from my current position to pursue research, writing, and scholarship. After many years of devoted service to the museum profession, I feel that now is an opportune moment to leave my current position and return to my original passions of reading interesting books and traveling the world in the pursuit of beauty, stimulation, happiness, and new experiences. It has been an honor serving alongside all of you, and I wish you only the best moving forward.


  1. For the record, this was intended to be a commentary on the revolving door that is the Getty museum's director position. I have nothing against any of the individuals -- indeed I admire most of them -- but it's absurd that no one can stay in that position for more than a few years, and this sad fact is damaging a wonderful institution. I, sadly, have not stepped down from my current position to pursue personal projects, although I do hope to one day have this luxury.