Thursday, July 7, 2011

la jolla playhouse

Mom's memorial stone is finally in place at the La Jolla Playhouse, and it looks great! The Playhouse was one of Mom's favorite spots for local theater, and she saw many performances there over the years, with many friends. Gregory Peck was one of its original founders, back in the day (he's a local boy, you know). We had originally planned to have a plaque placed on one of the seats inside the theater, but then we learned about the stones, which are obviously so much more beautiful and permanent. Plus, you can visit anytime because it's outside!

Her stone is right in the front row in the main courtyard, basking in the warm La Jolla sun in the mornings, and cooling in the gentle shade of the eucalyptus trees in the afternoon. The courtyard is the site of many receptions and celebratory events, and of course theater-goers mix and mingle there at intermission. Now all these happy people, feeling enriched by quality theatrical performances, will see Mom's stone and know that she was loved.

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