Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm a jaded old lady, so don't bother talking to me, you roving young art enthusiast. These jade monkeys are meant to illustrate both my jaded nature, and your monkey-like (i.e. foolish) behavior. Even though I happen to love monkeys, and know they're more intelligent than you are. You're certainly not unique in this, but what gall you have to interrupt my peaceful lunchtime in the park with your inane and uninformed chatterings about art. Did it even cross your mind that perhaps I'm sitting in this quiet corner trying to have a moment of solitude and meditation in the middle of a busy work day? Why on EARTH do you think I give a DAMN about anything you have to say about art, artists, museums, yourself, or anything else? I DON'T CARE. And you dare ask for my freakin' phone number? NO. Oh, of course not for a date or anything, just a coffee to continue this great conversation. NO. At worst, you think you'll get somewhere with me, even though I'm easily 10 years older than you, wearing an engagement ring, and I wouldn't be interested in you in any version of reality anyway. At best, you think you'll "network" with me, and you'll be cool because you have an art museum connection now. No, dear, you do not. I'm getting nothing out of this but a pain in my ass. And I don't appreciate being used, for whatever purpose.

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