Wednesday, October 20, 2010

one vs. the other

Readership of this blog has declined 25% since the passing of my father. That's supposed to be funny because so few people even know this blog exists, so to lose one follower represents a drastic percentage decrease. Ha ha.

I'm suddenly compelled to play compare-and-contrast:

Effete, indulgent, pretentious, Euro trash, spoiled, coddled, isolated, fortunate, beautiful, advantaged, irises, unique, global, notorious, newsworthy, travertine, bureaucracy, shiny and new, privileged, ponderous, inspirational, intimidating, austere, perfection, highest standards, aspirational, wealthy, apex, antiquities, influential, beloved, villa, selective, snobby, gardens, vistas, refined.

Labyrinthine, department store, street lamps, entrenched, chaos, baggage, variety, expansion, growth, opportunity, reward, funny mustaches, patchwork, wackadoo, costumes and textiles, arts and crafts, wear and tear, random, modernism, retro, methane gas, palm trees, urban, dynamic, minefield, light and airy, food trucks, bad haircuts, excitement, accessible, Japanese pavilion, living artists, installations, change.


  1. The Japanese Pavillion. Dark & Musty. Needs new carpet.

  2. Agreed, yet undeniably a unique building!

  3. Indubitably! So only 4 people read your blog? Shameful.

  4. Well, maybe a few more. I was taking comedic license.